Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Prepare your mansion for Tricks and Treats in this incredible Puzzle game!

Tricks and Treats is an enjoyable puzzle game with a Halloween theme. The objective of the game is to play a series of puzzle games and decorate your house with scarecrows, pumpkin lanterns, and other things before the guests arrive. With every level you complete, you will receive gold that you can use to buy the necessary things for the house and even buy upgrades.

In the game you will need to swap adjacent tiles to align three or more of the same type and make them disappear from the board. You simply eliminate all the silver and golden plates that hold the tiles in order to proceed to the next level. In some levels, your task is to collect tokens by moving them to the bottom on the playing field. The game offers nice graphics and sounds, and very suitable music. Sadly, there is only one mode and you cannot select the difficulty level.

To sum up, Tricks and Treats is a simple but enjoyable puzzle game that entertain you when you are bored, but it really doesn't include anything original or impressive.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Suitable music
  • Enjoyable


  • Unoriginal
  • Only one mode
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