Trial of the Gods - Ariadne's Fate

Trial of the Gods - Ariadne's Fate 1.0

Build the path of pearls by matching tiles and save Ariadne.

Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate is a simple puzzle game. Your goal is to help Theseus save Ariadne who has been abducted by Minotaur. To complete the task you need to build the path of pearls that will lead Theseus to Minotaur's place. To build the path you will simply need to match three or more tiles, removing them thus from the board and letting the pearls move down it. Of course, there will appear stones and chains on the board, as well as frozen tiles, these can complicate your task a little bit, but can be removed by adjacent matches. Also, you will be able to earn power-ups that will be of help when you are short of time, for example. The power-ups can remove the whole rows and lines, or even tiles located diagonally, and the same color tiles. On the way to Minotaur's place, besides, getting pearls, you will also need to remove sword and shield tiles to complete adventure levels, move down jigsaw tiles to complete puzzle pictures, and match wing tiles to create double or triple pearls.
Also, in the Ariadne's loom, you can move the spool of thread down the board and complete the tapestry.
Moreover, you are offered to make your own board game, just follow the instructions and make a print-out.

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