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Travelocity Desktop Application is a app that sends you trip offers.
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Travelocity Desktop Application is a app that sends you trip offers. It uses the Travelocity travel website to find offers and deals on hotel stays, airfare and the like. When I first installed this application and added my planned trip to the preferences, I thought that the app was going to give me deals and current prices. But, actually, what the app does is lists current offers, not prices. Since I chose an international location, at first I didn't see any deals displayed. When I changed the planned trip to "Los Angeles" to "San Francisco", then I was shown a bunch of hotel deals. I didn't see any airfare, though.

The first window that appears when you run this app asks you what city you are flying from and into, how often you want the app to refresh (look for new deals), and you can also connect to Facebook and Twitter to share deals with friends. The second window shows the results, and you can use a slider bar to narrow down the price of the offers that you want to see.

Travelocity Desktop Application is an Adobe Air app, so it can be run on Mac, Windows and Linux. It is a very quick download, too.

All in all, if you really need to know about offers minute after minute, I guess this app will fit your needs. However, for the average user it is just a waste of desktop and Dock space.

José Fernández
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  • Multi-platform


  • It doesn't show many offers for international destinations
  • Only shows offers and it doesn't let you look for airfare
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