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Translate digital texts between 55 languages.
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Perform automated quick translation operations on texts of different sizes. Select the words or passages and insert them into the translation module, then view the generated text in the target language. The suite supports simultaneous translation into English, Spanish, Yiddish, Russian, and some of the rarest languages of the world.

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Translate helps you decipher the indecipherable. Translate text between 55 languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish. You can even translate into multiple languages simultaneously. And getting text into Translate couldn't be easier—simply select some text almost anywhere on your Mac, right-click, and choose Services → Translate. The app will figure out the original language on its own!
Most of the world doesn't speak your language. Read and write theirs instead with Translate.
Note: Translate requires an Internet connection to retrieve translations.

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