Transfer for Final Cut Pro 1.3

Convert and import movies, music, sound and still images into Final Cut Pro.
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Final Cut Assistant
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Designed to work along side of Final Cut Pro, Transfer is a powerful yet simple menubar app that transcodes, copies, moves and/or links your audio and video files to your project's Capture Scratch folder and Final Cut Pro keeping you organized and efficient. If you shoot with a Flip camcorder or other camera that saves video as MPEG-4 files, you can improve Final Cut Pro's playback performance by converting the clips to edit-friendly formats like ProRes or AIC. Convert MP3 or AAC files to PCM audio: all audio files will now be ready for importing into Final Cut Pro and will not require rendering. Edit while importing files in the background. Content doesn't just come from tape or cards. Projects use media from a wide variety of sources. Keeping your media in the same place helps make managing it easier. Creating copies of your clients and colleagues files means files won't go offline when they are modified, deleted or sent to Archive.
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Added copy, move and link actions. Revised GUI.



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