Tower Defense Ultimate

Tower Defense Ultimate 1.2

Fight with mythological creatures, knights, and mages to unlock all maps.
1.2 (See all)

Tower Defense Ultimate is combination of Tower Defense with RPG's and Shooter's elements. The game has taken the best parts from every genre, so the player can take his own tactics and get trough challenging waves with his favorite style. If you like to make some mess, you can use manual main turret and shoot enemies with Minigun or Plasma Gun. If you want to improve some skills with leveling, buffing or special ammo, you can change the mode and play as Crossbowman to shoot some enemies down. After all, don't forget to build new, upgradeable turrets. Every turret has it's characteristic properties. Some of them sets your enemies in fire and the other slows them down. You need to build, improve, get new levels, and fight with mythological creatures, knights, mages, and other beasts to unlock all of 9 different maps.

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