Touchgrind 1.5

Game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but weeks of lectures, boring meetings and family dinners to master.

Touchgrind is a very nice skating game controlled by touch. Thus, it requires you to have an input device that supports touch commands. The trackpad on your Macbook Pro should work, or you can control the game using the Magic Trackpad. The game is made in 3D, and the textures and graphics are awesome. You control the game by placing two fingers on the skateboard. They way you move your fingers will influence the way the board moves. For example, to advance, you have to put one finger on the back of the board and the other one in the middle of the board. If you want to turn, you can either stop and turn the board by removing one finger, or by sliding both fingers to the edges of the board. Basically, your fingers emulate what a skater's legs do while riding.

I found the game entertaining, but very difficult to master. Thankfully, there are nice tutorials that explain the basics and the tricks that you can pull off. It took me a while to even master how to move around the skate park.

There are different game modes. There is a warm-up mode that lets you roam freely through the skatepark. There are also jam sessions, where you try to score as many points as you can by doing tricks.

The game is currently free, but it might be sold in the future, so get it while this offer lasts.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • Innovative controls


  • It requires extra hardware on some machines
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