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ToolBar Extras 4.4

Set of apps that adds a little more functionality to your Finder windows.
4.4 (See all)
Mosaic Interactive

ToolBar Extras is a set of apps that adds a little more functionality to your Finder windows. Take a look at the screenshot to see how I have set it up on my machine.
There is a 30 launch limit on most apps, but some are free. Purchase it to unlock them all forever!
Click "More Information" to see the details.
Note: To add them to the toolbar, just drag the app to the toolbar, wait maybe three seconds and you will notice that you can now drop it there.
- - select a file or folder and click "" to lock or unlock it. If no finder item is selected, it will work on the current open window.
- - select a file or folder and click "" to select a new destination for your selection.
- - a Quick way to burn the current Finder window to a CD or DVD
- - avoid using the Trash and permanently delete any file or folder
- - get a quick list of all files and folders within the current Finder window
- - Use one Eject button to manage all volumes
- - Quickly create text files (txt, html, php, cgi, etc)... also use "index (1-25).html" to create a list of html files files numbered from 1 thru 25
- - Quickly create new folders... also use "Name (1-25)" to create a series of folders numbering 1 thru 25.
- - a quick reference to "Finder>Go>Go to Folder..."
- - a one button solution to get you back to your home folder
- - open up the inspector window
- - Quickly toggle a file/folders visibility/invisibility.
- - perform basic cleanup functions and maintenance scripts
- - a portable version of App_Pauser ($9.99 alone)... puase and resume any process to free up CPU.
- - chmod or chown your files and folders
- - Simply refresh the current Finder window to update dates and sizes.
- - a quick reference to "Finder>Go>Connect to Server"
- - quickly shutdown or restart your computer.
- - Turn on/off the Finders ability to show hidden files
- - securely delete files in the trash for all users on all volumes.
- - better than the "Back" button, this button allows you to go back one directory at all times.To add the apps to your Finder Toolbar:
- Place the "ToolBar Extras" folder wherever you like on your hard drive. Then navigate inside.
- Choose the app you wish to place in the Toolbar, than drag it up to your Toolbar. Wait a couple of seconds then you will see the Toolbar ìmake roomî for the app.
- Repeat only for the apps you wish to use.
- Then, to move the apps around into a different order, just simply "control-click" the Toolbar and "Customize Toolbar", then you will be able to drag them around or remove them.

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