Todos 1.5

Todos shows all the installed applications in one window.

Todos shows all of your installed applications in one place, so there is no need to search for what you need to open all over your computer anymore. The program scans the applications folders to include links to all of the applications it finds in one window. It only takes you two clicks to find the program you want.

Using any computer for a long time makes you accumulate all those "needed" programs in your application folder. With more and more installed applications it becomes harder to find the one you actually need to use while scrolling this whole set of applications. Todos solves this as it shows icons for all the applications installed on your system. If you install applications to a different folder, then you can just include that folder in preferences for the program. All icons to the programs appear in one window, where you can just choose what you want to open and click it. The window disappears and the program you chose opens up.

Of course, there are programs that you do not want to show up in that window. So you can remove them from the list that shows up.

Personally, I do not think this is the best way to organize your applications. You can always create folders to unite the types of applications - to sort the applications better, but the best way is to remove those that you never use.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • All applications in one cute window


  • Not the best way to organize
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