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Todoist: To Do List | Task List 6.2

This Mac program helps you manage your daily tasks.
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Todoist is a feature-rich program that helps you manage your daily tasks with minimum effort. This application provides you with a simple and nicely-designed interface, an option to sync all of your notes to your Doist account, and lets you easily organize your to-do lists into groups.

The utility might come in handy to users who are dealing with busy schedules on a daily basis and require assistance when it comes to remembering the chores they need to complete. They can write their tasks, sort them into groups, and share them via email with their co-workers.

Furthermore, you can define global hotkeys for immediately revealing the main window of Todoist or entering a quick note.

However, some of its features are unavailable until you make an in-app purchase and upgrade the program to its Premium version. Afterwards, you can back up the data stored within Todoist, set reminders, etc.

I'd say it's worth upgrading the application. By doing so, you gain access to even more useful features which come in handy when managing your daily assignments.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Available in many languages
  • Lets you sync notes across various devices
  • Allows you to sort your notes into groups


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