Tires of Fury Monster Truck Racing

Tires of Fury Monster Truck Racing 1.3

Tires of Fury is a nice racing arcade game for the Mac.
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Ignotus Games, LLC

Tires of Fury is a nice racing arcade game for the Mac. It is also available for iOS, and it looks like it was ported from iOS to the Mac, since some menus still read "tap" instead of click. That is not a big deal, though, since the game performs quite well on Macs. Gameplay-wise, Tires of Fury looks like a Mario Kart clone. You race against 7 other opponents in multiple tracks for a few laps, and you can use a few power-ups to help you win the race. There are guided and non-guided missiles, oil stains, shields, and nitros at your disposal. When you destroy an enemy or win races, you are given coins, which you can later on use to upgrade your trucks. You can make your trucks faster, give them better acceleration or control. When you first create your profile, you also can choose a driver, which gives you a bonus in acceleration, speed or control.

There are quite a few tracks that you can race at, and you unlock new ones as you win races. At first, with a stock car, it is difficult to win a race, but possible, especially if you use power-ups well. Once you upgrade your car, everything becomes easier and more fun.

José Fernández
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  • Upgradeable cars
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