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Tiny Commando is a mixture between a puzzle and an arcade game.
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Aleksander Polanowski
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Tiny Commando is a mixture between a puzzle and an arcade game. The developer doesn't say much about it. From his description we know its an addictive game and that it has 20 levels. The game plays a lot like Angry Birds. You have to aim with your mouse, click and hold to set the power of your shot. You will be shooting red balls and your target is a tiny soldier on the other edge of the screen. At the first few levels, it is really easy to hit him with the ball, which means the end of the level and takes you to the next one. As you progress through the game, this tiny soldier will be hidden behind a number of dices. You can break some dices with red balls while others can only be moved, but not destroyed. So, on more than one occasion, you have to aim high and let the ball fall on the soldier to complete a level.

At the bottom of the screen is a power bar that fills when you shoot. And you will see the number of balls that you have left and the time that has passed since you started the level.

In short, Tiny Commando is an OK time killer. There are definitely worse games out there.

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