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Organize and control the time you spend on your tasks to work efficiently.

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Timork is a productivity tool that offers a convenient way to organize and control the time you spend on your tasks. The application is based on the Pomodoro technique, alternating customizable working periods with well-deserved break times. The tool supports multiple tasks that can be configured with different deadlines. Each task can be accessed with ease at any moment, no matter if it is overdue or completed, planned for the current day or for a specific time in the future.

The program installs in the menu bar of your Mac, so you can access it with ease whenever you wish to configure a new task, work on a given task, or monitor your performance during a determined time interval. Setting a new task isn't difficult. Once the task is added into the list, you can edit it according to your preference. Therefore, you can rename it the way you want, add a description, apply it to a group or a project, set the time for performance, and determine the desired break interval. When you feel ready to start working uninterrupted, you just need to enable the timer, which will monitor your working time and notify you visually and acoustically when it is time for a break.

In short, Timork is an application that helps you work more efficiently and complete tasks in due time. It returns useful reports that can be viewed as graphs or exported to CSV for detailed analysis.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Supports multiple tasks configurable independently
  • Alternate work periods with break times
  • Sort tasks into categories
  • Generated reports displayed as graphs
  • Exports results to PDF


  • Can't import your favorite sounds for the alarms
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