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Times Table Bubble MA is an educational game for kids
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Times Table Bubble MA is an educational game for kids. It was designed to let kids learn the times tables and practice them while having fun, which is the best way to learn. When the game starts, the screen will get filled with several bubbles with numbers inside them. The objective is to match pairs of bubbles. One of the bubbles will have something like "9x2" inside it and the other one the answer to that operation (18). You click on the bubbles to select them, which is hard at first because they move quite quickly. If you don't answer quickly and the bubbles fill up the screen, then the bubbles start moving really, really fast to the point where you can't even click on them. When you match all the bubbles on the screen, you win, and the game will start all over again. From the Options screen, you can set the difficulty of the game. Instead of letting you choose between easy or hard, the game shows you a table with the numbers from 1 to 100, and the number that you select will be used within the game.

In conclusion, Times Table Bubble MA is a very basic game that can be used to help kids with the times tables. It doesn't have the best graphical design but it can be useful.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • Different difficulty levels


  • Not the best graphical design



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