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Tidy Up! is a duplicate file and folder finder for Mac OS X.
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Tidy Up! is a duplicate file and folder finder for Mac OS X. The application allows you to search your Mac for files or folders that are identical. Duplicates are really worthless files and all they do is take up your hard drive space. Tidy Up! can look for a variety of different file types, including photos, music, packages, etc. It doesn't only find duplicates by looking at file names. It has an extensive list of search parameters, which allow it to let you find data by comparing certain attributes like size, modification and creation date, tags, type, extension, etc.

When you first run this app, a nice window with help appears. It tells you a bit about how everything works, but this info is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot you can do and many different ways of finding duplicate files. For example, you can select one of the categories on the main window to find identical or even similar files. Some of the categories are: Images, Images by EXIF, iPhoto's photos, Music, iTunes' music, Application, etc.

The one mode that I think stands out from the rest is what is called a "strategy". By creating a new "strategy", you are creating a set of criteria that the application will use to find duplicate files. The strategy mode functions as a wizard that asks you different questions about how you want to find duplicates.

All in all, this app showcases an excellent design and attention to detail. It has several different scanning modes and some of them are very thorough. It also is very fast and works well.

José Fernández
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