ThumbnailCutter 1.3

A thumbnail creator that charges $1.99 for additional save options.
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ThumbnailCutter is an image cropping and resizing tool designed with the purpose of creating web-friendly thumbnails in mind. It can save in a standard JPEG format of intermediate quality; additional save options require a $1.99 in-app purchase. There is the option to preserve the aspect ratio, thereby keeping the image's original proportions, or to discard it, stretching the image in one dimension.

Upon opening an image, ThumbnailCutter displays the image dimensions and size above the original image and a preview of the edited image. The portion of the image to be preserved is edited graphically by moving and resizing a rectangle overlaid on the image, while dimensions of the resultant image are controlled by text input in fields underneath the preview image. The selection rectangle's left-hand-bottom-corner's coordinates and its size are displayed in pixels at the bottom of the interface for those interested in precision.

Unfortunately, during the testing I found out that width dimensions are unpredictably supported - the program simply refuses to accept them in the text field for whatever reason. This flaw very nearly negates the usefulness of the application.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Straightforward interface
  • Option to include background of any solid color


  • Does not support drag'n'drop or batch actions
  • Certain width dimensions are unsupported
  • Other tools can achieve for free what this app does for a premium
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