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Free Think could be considered a productivity tool for the Mac.
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Think could be considered a productivity tool for the Mac. It is an application that allows you to focus on one task at the time by eliminating any distractions from your screen. The app will show a list of running applications when it is first launched. This window is called the illumination panel. It looks like the screen that pops up when you press Cmd + Tab on your keyboard. When you click on one of the running apps, it will be shown, or illuminated, as they like to call it. When one app is illuminated, the other running apps will be hidden. They will be kind of blacked out, so we can probably say they are obscured. If you have multiple monitors, they will be affected as well, and most likely if you are running an illuminated app on your main monitor, the secondary one will be blacked out. You can set the color used to hide apps and you can even set the transparency level. By default, transparency is set low enough so that you can still see other running apps, but they don't become a distraction.

I found that this app worked very well out-of-the-box. It could be useful for when you want to really focus on a task. In my case, I simply run apps in full-screen mode when I don't want to be bothered by other apps.

Anyway, go on the developer's website and read all their usage examples to see if you need this.

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  • Custom illumination
  • Hotkey support
  • Transparency adjustment


  • Fails to integrate with a system

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Unfortunately, the program has been discontinued and there's no official website to download from. Thank you for your comment, now we can inform users that the program is no longer available.

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Hi Jose,

There are currently (3 October 2013) no working download links for Think 1.3 either on this page ( or on the "All versions" page ( Also, when I go to the "All versions" page I find that the date for version 1.3 is given as 22 Apr 2010, but the date for version 1.0 shows 7 Nov 2010. Surely these dates are in the wrong order?

I tried the links for version 1.1 and got a page saying, "It is possible that our download links do not refer to the intended version 1.1. You may try using the link for Think 1.2."

So I tried to download version 1.2; this took me to a page saying, "Click the link below to proceed to the intended program's page:
Download from". I clicked the link... then I got a page which was completely blank apart from a message saying, "Method Not Implemented".

Could you please let site visitors know how to download any version of Think for Mac? If not, would it be possible for someone at Mac Informer to take down the Think pages so that people don't try to get an unavailable application? Based on the review, it sounds quite useful - but it is very hard to find! Smile

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