theLoanCalc Professional 2.2

See the difference between two different loan scenarios instantly.
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theLoanCalc Pro allows you to see the difference between two different loan scenarios instantly (examples are shown on our website). theLoanCalc Pro makes it easy to input a monthly overpayment amount and adjust your monthly payment based on your escrow expenses for both loans. If you plan on paying off your loan before it matures (your original term ends), the balloon payment option will be beneficial as it shows the pay-off amount based on the month chosen to pay the loan off, but more importantly it will show you exactly how much you will save in interest by doing so. It shows the total interest paid over the life of both loans as well as how much your loan's terms will decrease by overpaying extra each month. Amortization tables are viewable on a separate sheet in the workbook. A unique feature of theLoanCalc Pro is the manual payment entry inputs on the amortization sheet, this allows you to accurately calculate more complicated overpayment scenarios. There is also a print page that is sure to come in handy. Check out our website or CNET for our free calculators too! Enjoy!



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