TheBunker 1.0

The Bunker is a psychological horror adventure game.
1.0 (See all)
Splendy Interactive, Wales Interactive

The Bunker is a psychological horror adventure game. It tells the story of John, the last remaining survivor of a nuclear bunker, born in the bunker on the day the bombs fell. Now 30 years later, he is completely alone, as the people he knew died. But now the only place he has ever known is about to become his greatest nightmare.

The players will be able to explore the Bunker, search rooms and documents, discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles. As the game progresses, John's nightmare escalates and you will have to move fast, make quick decisions which could cost them their life. You will venture deeper and deeper into the bunker discovering long forgotten zones and uncovering dark and repressed memories that finally reveal the terrible secret of the bunker.

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