The Abacus Project 1.0

Play a game of math, logic, and problem-solving skills.
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The Abacus Project is an adventure program designed to develop children's math, logic and problem-solving skills. On the way home from school, you fall into a mysterious underground laboratory. To escape the lab, you must solve a series of math puzzles. Hostile blobs, flying critters and other obstacles stand in your way. And your sole companion, a nervous PDA named Abacus, has a bad case of memory loss. Eight puzzles build children's skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The puzzles also help improve children's knowledge of place value, fluid measurement, sequencing, ratios, fractions and other math concepts. The puzzle difficulty level adapts to children's mathematical ability, and then gradually increases. Flash Cards mode helps children improve their speed and accuracy in basic math problems. A record-keeping module lets teachers track class and student results.



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