Textography 1.0

Inserts text to an picture as if it were part of the original image.

Textography is intended to add text to images. Of course, many applications can do that. However, what makes Textography special is that it can mask the inserted text in such a way that it feels like a part of the original image. Although the tool is rather easy to use, it is a shame that gives you practically no help, except for the welcome screen.

The app’s interface perfectly matches its workflow. In this regard, there are four main steps. First, you can add a new text box or an image layer. Then, it is possible to configure a text style, including a font type and size as well as shadow, background color and border. Afterward, you can draw a mask, which helps to blend the new text with the background image. Finally, the resulting image can be shared in many ways. Thus, it may be attached to an email message, uploaded to Facebook or Twitter or saved in the JPG format.

Regrettably, unlike other similar tools, Textography cannot process batches of images as a single operation. Likewise, it does not allow creating templates or saving font styles for future use.

All in all, Textography produces excellent results in mingling a text with a background picture. Although the product can be installed and used for free, it works more like a trial version because it does not let you save the results unless you pay for that.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Interface perfectly matches workflow
  • Various ways to share the resulting picture
  • Perfectly mingles text and image
  • Customizable text styles


  • Poor help documentation
  • Does not support batch processing
  • Does not allow creating templates or saving styles for future use
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