TextEdit Automator Action Pack 4.0

Adds custom text manipulation options in Automator.
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Automated Workflows, LLC
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Expand the capabilities of the Automator software. Add new actions to manage texts: Prefix to Text Paragraphs, Suffix to Text Paragraphs, Balance Paragraphs, Change Case of Text, Close TextEdit Documents, Combine Text Strings, Decode URL Encoded Strings, etc.

TextEdit Automator Action Pack extends the power of Automator with 28 actions for performing text manipulation functions in Mac OS X!
- Add Prefix to Text Paragraphs
- Add Suffix to Text Paragraphs
- Balance Paragraphs
- Change Case of Text
- Close TextEdit Documents
- Combine Text Strings
- Decode URL Encoded Strings
- Extract URLs from Text
- Find and Replace in Text
- Get Characters of Text
- Get Length of Text
- Get Opened TextEdit Documents
- Get Paragraphs of Text
- Get Words of Text
- Read Text File
- Remove Duplicate Paragraphs from Text
- Remove Empty Paragraphs
- Remove Leading Characters from Text
- Remove Markup from Text
- Remove Prefix from Text Paragraphs
- Remove Suffix from Text Paragraphs
- Remove Trailing Characters from Text
- Save TextEdit Documents
- Sort Text Paragraphs
- Split Text
- Trim Text
- URL Encode Strings
- Write Text to File



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