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Text2Speech is a nice app that lets you make your Mac talk to you.
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Text2Speech is a nice app that lets you make your Mac talk to you. The application can convert a text to speech by using the system's text to speech engine. It uses the default system voices as well, and it offers modified versions of them so that you have a bigger choice. The default system voice is good enough for me, and you have a male voice and a female one.

The main window consists of a space where you can type in a text or paste it from another application. There isn't much things that you can customize. The only available settings are the voice that you want to use and the speed at which your computer is going to read for you. By default, the male voice reads for you and the speed of reading is 200 words per minute. I like when it works at around 180 words per minute, though.

You can also load a text from documents that you have on your Mac. I dealt with .doc files and I didn't experience any problems.

In short, this app proves that Text to Speech technology is always improving. The app lets you listen to your text files quite smoothly. And it works like a charm. It is also absolutely free.

José Fernández
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