Text Encoding Converter

Text Encoding Converter 2012.10

Manages and optimizes the encoding for text-based documents.
3.6  (18 votes)
2012.10.30 (See all)
Jin jing Wang

Convert basic text files into documents in multiple formats supporting Unicode structures. Upload the content and select one of over 100 variations, including UTF-8 and related variants. Automatically detect the existing encoding of the imported text and change it.

Convert text files in various encodings to a Unicode compatible encoding (e.g. UTF-8) easily.
* Supports over 100 different encodings. For example, BIG5, GB18030, SHIFT-JS and KSC-5601.
* Built in automatic encoding detector.
* If auto detector fails, a correct encoding can be hand picked from the quick access panel, which shows preview generated from using different encodings, configurable for common tasks.
* Result can be saved in UTF-8 or an other encoding of choice.

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