Text Bucket

Text Bucket 2.0

Provides quick access to often used text fragments.
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A background utility with fast centralized access to often used text fragments, such as email addresses, Facebook statuses, parts of a code, etc., with the help of an easy hotkey combination. Simply perform the hotkey combo, choose the number of the slot holding the required text and that's that. The tool can store up to 260 items.

Text Bucket is a background application that provides quick, centralized access to frequently used bits of text (up to 260 items!) via a simple hotkey combination. Think of it as BBEdit's Glossary for your entire system. Hit the hotkey combo, press the number of the slot containing the text you need, and the window vanishes, placing your text on the clipboard for you, ready for use.
Questions? There is extensive help (along with tutorials, faqs, and walkthroughs) built into the application. Just open the app, and click the "Help" button to find out more.
Feature requests or usage problems? Please email me! If the built-in help isn't helpful enough, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Feature requests are appreciated. I can't make the app better unless I know what people want!

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