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30 Sep 2011

What's new

- common to all TestTrack products
- The TestTrack native database type changed to SQLite to improve performance in several areas. Existing TestTrack native server databases and projects are automatically upgraded to SQLite after upgrading and starting the TestTrack Server.
- Use a TestTrack native database on the 64-bit TestTrack Server.
- Configure read-only custom fields that automatically calculate numeric, text, date/time, pop-up item, and time span values based on other field values.
- Specify default values for text and numeric fields. Choose more date/time options when setting default values for date fields.
- Create draft custom fields to add new fields without locking the TestTrack database.
- Open list windows in Microsoft Excel on Linux and Mac OS X. (Client)
- Securely send, receive, and import email on Unix using the SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, STARTTLS 1.0, or Negotiate protocols for SMTP and POP3 mail.
- Receive email using the IMAP protocol.
- The TestTrack Server now supports IPv6 connections. (Client)
- Enable detailed SQL logging in the server admin utility for help diagnosing database issues.New Features - TestTrack RM only
- Export the traceability matrix to Microsoft Excel as a table or in two column format. (Client)New Features - TestTrack TCM only
- Create and record QA Wizard Pro scripts from test cases. Requires QA Wizard Pro. (Client)
- Record test case steps from QA Wizard Pro. Requires QA Wizard Pro. (Client)Enhancements - common to all TestTrack products
- Electronic signatures entered when making changes are now displayed in history change reports, audit trail detail reports, audit trail record exports, and when viewing the audit trail.
- The TestTrack Server now reattempts RDBMS server connections during startup to eliminate issues when server computers are restarted and the TestTrack Server service starts before the RDBMS instance.
- The Surround SCM Check In Files, Check Out Files, Get Files, and Undo Check Out Files dialog boxes were redesigned for consistency with Surround SCM.
- Use parent/child link definitions to link duplicated and original items.
- Report headers now include the username running the report and date/time the report was run.
- Search for field codes to add to email templates in the Insert Field Code dialog box. Column size and position is now saved in the Links and History tabs.
- Change the layout of the Overview tab to view issues side by side or top to bottom. (Client)
- Retrieve the full name of the logged in SOAP user with the getUserForCurrentSession SOAP call.
- Set a registry utility option to support switching between wireless and wired connections during the same login session. (Client)
- Improved performance when attaching hundreds of files to Surround SCM. Surround SCM 2012 must be installed to fix this issue. (Client)Enhancements - TestTrack Pro only
- The 'defect' label is now named 'issue' by default in new projects.
- Existing projects are not affected.Enhancements - TestTrack RM only
- Icons and tag prefixes and suffixes are now displayed in the Configure Requirement Types dialog box. (Client)
- Requirement documents exported to Microsoft Word can now include the document name, description, snapshot history, and status when new Word bookmarks for the information are used. Existing export templates were updated. (Client)
- The Specification Document window now opens after importing requirement documents from Microsoft Word. (Client)
- Save requirement documents exported to Microsoft Word as a PDF file. (Client)Bug Fixes - common to all TestTrack products
- Field codes in automation rules performed by the System user were not replaced.
- The News and Information page was not displayed correctly if a proxy server was used to authenticate Web pages.
- The Bulk Field Changes dialog box incorrectly enforced event field relationships. (Client)
- Upgrading projects to TestTrack 2011.0 could cause the TestTrack Server to crash.
- The source path was included in the filename when uploading file attachments from Internet Explorer. (Web)
- Items added from the Folders list window were not added to folders if the user option to close a window after adding a new item was selected. (Client)
- The TestTrack Client did not close when rebooting or shutting down the computer if the 'Reopen windows when logging back in' option was set in OS X 10.7. (Client)
- The TestTrack Client could crash if a Microsoft Word file attachment was opened and the Edit dialog box was closed before Word finished opening the document. (Client)
- The column filter icon did not indicate the filtered columns on list windows in Eclipse.
- Adding parent/child links using the TestTrack SDK could change the child link to the parent.
- List window column totals for decimal number custom fields did not always include the decimal portions if the locale used a comma for the decimal separator. (Client)
- The 'Always login with this username and password' setting was not always saved when users were automatically logged out from the TestTrack Client. (Client)
- Screen captures did not work correctly in TestTrack on OS X 10.7. (Client)
- Saving a filter could return a database error.
- List windows could not be opened in Excel if a text field included specific character sequences. (Client)
- Multi-byte Unicode characters were not displayed correctly in distribution report pie chart titles.
- Multi-byte Unicode characters used in column names in the Folder Task Board with Configurable Columns report could cause errors during editing or cause the report to display incorrectly.Bug Fixes - TestTrack Pro only
- Text added between two hyperlinks in an item Description field was not always displayed on the Overview tab.
- Attached Surround SCM changelists were not copied when merging defects. (Client)Bug Fixes - TestTrack RM only
- Navigating between requirements from the Edit Requirement dialog box could add empty values to custom pop-up menu fields. (Client)
- The Generate Test Case button was available in the Edit Requirement dialog box for users without TestTrack TCM licenses. (Client)
- Links in the traceability matrix were not always filtered correctly. (Client)
- Indentation was incorrect when exporting a requirement document with removed columns to Microsoft Word. (Client)
- Tables used the default font instead of the specified font in requirement documents exported to Microsoft Word. (Client)
- A JavaScript undefined object error could be returned when generating the Detailed Document Forward Traceability report.
- Some related requirements could be missing from in the Detailed Document Forward Traceability report.Bug Fixes - TestTrack TCM only
- The TestTrack Client could crash when deleting a test case step. (Client)
- Eclipse could crash when closing the defect window after creating a defect from a test run.
- Deleting a test case step could also delete the expected result for the steps following the deleted step. (Client)
- Test variant field codes in test case steps were not always replaced in generated test runs.
- Changes were not always saved in Test Runner if the Overview tab was hidden on items in the TestTrack Client. (Web)

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