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Monitor the seismic earthquake data across the globe.
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Gain access to the list of recent earthquakes in different parts of the globe. View detailed data on the strength of every occasion according to the Richter scale. Browse the information by viewing the visual representation of the quakes on a 3D glove.

Latest earthquakes on a 3D globe
This innovative application displays the list of recent earthquakes and magnitudes on a 3D interactive globe. Find out when they happened, where they happened, how big they were, and more. All in an easy-to-use interface!
Tectonic activity of various Richter magnitudes are specified with color coded dots. Each dot represents an earthquake and its magnitude range.
You can change the map views as per your convenience, displaying country lines, volcanic activity and sun light. You will see that earthquakes often occur along tectonic plates. Pan and zoom the map to focus on hot spots and click the details button to see the event report.
Main Features:
- Recent earthquakes displayed on a 3D interactive globe
- Filter options by magnitude, quantity and timeframe
- Displays the most active volcanoes on the planet
- Displays the main tectonic boundaries
- Three different Earth appearances with many options
- Full gMap integration to display more details
- Alert management
A version of Tectonic is also available for iPad and iPhone. Launch the App Store on your mobile device and search for Tectonic.
Note : Tectonic is the new name of xQuake. Go to the support website to learn more.

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