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Just as your car requires regular servicing and your teeth need routine cleaning...
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Just as your car requires regular servicing and your teeth need routine cleaning, your Mac needs periodic technical attention in order to perform to its best ability. Don't worry - we're not talking about popping open the back panel of yourmachine; we're talking about routine maintenance that every Mac user can perform. To this end, TechTool Pro is a wonderful tool that will let you easily rebuild your Mac's desktop file, zap the PRAM, and test for damaged system files. You can also use it (along with a drive-cleaning kit) toclean your floppy drive, and to view hardware and software information What's New
Version 2.5.5 adds the following:
- Improved detection and repair routines for Vol. Structures
- Fixed Optimization date bug for HFS and HFS+ volumes
- Fixed AutoPilot Suite crash on Mac OS 8.1 or earlier
- Fixed "OTUtilityLib" issue on Mac OS 8.1 or earlier
- Fixed SCSI scanner detection bug
- Updated DNA file Requirements
PPC, TechTool Pro 2.5.4, Stuffit Expander 5.0 or later

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