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TCleaner Pro 3.1

TCleaner Pro (was Text Cleaner Pro) is a practical utility program to process text.
3.1 (See all)

TCleaner Pro (was Text Cleaner Pro) is a practical utility program to process text. It converts copied text into plain text; removes hard returns, bullets, quotes, tabs, and multiple spaces; fixes wrongly inserted returns; changes case; and more.... And now you can put plain text in your letters and documents using the copy/paste functions, without having to clean it up manually. All you need to do is select your custom profile and then just copy and paste; TCleaner Pro does the rest. Save precious time in your workday. Features Profiles (multiple configurations) Stay on top Removes all formatting (such as font, color, size, indentation, etc.) Invoke automatically or with a keyboard shortcut You can define your own custom shortcuts to all functions Sort: A-Z (Aa-Zz/aA-zZ), Z-A (zZ-aA/Zz-Aa), A-Z (aA-zZ), Z-A (Zz-Aa), A-Za-z, z-aZ-A, Reverse, Random Remove duplicates (Return, ".", ". ", ",", ", ", ";", "; ", " " (tab), Custom separator) Statistics (Chars, Spaces, Words, Paragraphs) Change multiple spaces to single space Change multiple tabs to single tab Change tab to 4 spaces or change 4 spaces to tab Change 3 dots to ellipsis or change ellipsis to 3 dots Remove space before dot Remove space before/after tab Remove space before/after return Remove all spaces Remove all tabs Remove all spaces, tabs and returns Remove hyphens Remove hyphens, dashes, and minus sign Add prefix Add suffix Change wrong inserted returns to none, space Change returns to none, single return, double returns, space Remove spaces before and after text Change case to smart capitalized, capitalized, lower case, upper case Change quotes (single to double, double to single) Remove single quotes Remove double quotes Remove bullets Remove reply quotes Remove HTML tags, JavaScript Insert your pattern (delete, search) Custom find and replace (unlimited) Insert your pattern (regular expression) to new Find - Replace table

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