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Free A frustrating physics elimination game involving caged teddy bears.
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Poldata sp.j.
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Tap Tap Rescue is a physics elimination game. The goal is to set one or more caged teddy bears upright and flush on the floor without ever tipping the cage more than ninety degrees. Explosives, immovable weights, and resilient materials make this task a frustrating challenge.

TTR contains 64 levels, ostensibly split into four stages, but all that separates the stages is a change in the animated backdrop. It also has 0-3 star ratings for performance on the level although, somewhat unusual for this genre, the star rating is higher the more items you destroy - which can add to the frustration when you've finally completed a level in particularly elegant fashion and are rewarded with one or zero stars (you get three stars for madly clicking everything before the victory screen appears). The simple graphics and irritating audio reek of cheaply made software and on top of it all I'm not particularly fond of that damn bear.

Now that that's out of my system, I can laud the fact that all 64 levels are indeed complete-able, and that the perfectionist can sink many more hours - on top of the already significant playthrough time - into getting those three-star ratings. The physics are consistent and there is some strategy involved in solving each level. Indeed, there are some nice ideas here, but their execution is too poor to make the game worth buying, let alone playing.

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  • Many hours of gameplay for someone who doesn't mind pulling their hair out from time to time


  • Game art is significantly subpar
  • No ability to skip stuck levels
  • No fullscreen

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Teddy Bears are disgusting, and I simply can't play any game with them in it.

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