Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay

The hero is in a perilous situation aboard The Screaming Narwhal
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Guybrush's adventures continue on the high seas as pox-plagued pirates lay siege to the innocent Mer-People. In between defending the Mer-People and dodging the persistent pirate hunter hot on his trail, Guybrush manages to catch up to his beloved wife and despised arch-nemesis -- but their reunion is short-lived. Now Guybrush must focus on eradicating the Pox of LeChuck before more harm can be done. And as the Mighty Pirate draws closer to a cure, the waters will only grow murkier in this thrilling chapter of the epic saga.
The second episode opens the very same way the first chapter ended: Our hero is in a perilous situation aboard The Screaming Narwhal, the vessel Guybrush Threepwood and Reginald Van Winslow used to escape the winds of Flotsam Island. A mysterious woman is holding a blade to Guybrush's neck, and she reveals herself to be Morgan LeFlay (Mighty Pirate Hunter™), who was sent by the Marquis de Singe to retrieve Guybrush's pox-infected hand. While idolizing Guybrush to some degree, she's here for the job, and slices Threepwood's hand off straightaway. He'll need to fight her to retrieve his hand and prevent De Singe from getting it.
Once the sword fight breaks out on the bridge of the ship, talk to LeFlay about the details of her daring ship boarding feat, the motivation behind working for De Singe, and the other dialogue options. After a couple of topics, Guybrush and LeFlay will jump down to the deck of the ship, near the cannon. Continue talking to her, and they'll shift to the other side of the deck, near the seagull who is pecking at Threepwood's severed hand. Morgan's grappling hook is stuck in the ship's railing behind the seagull. Grab it, and then talk to her again until they move to the bridge of the ship.
There will be a cable overhead, just out of reach; use the hook on the cable to slide over to the mast. Once there, use the rope that is securing the barrel of fish to the rigging, and Guybrush will slice through it. Talk to LeFlay again until they're back at the bridge (this will take a couple of chats). Use the ship's wheel to shift the Narwhal around, causing the barrel of fish to slide over to the other side of the ship. Talk to her once more until they get to the side of the ship closest to the barrel of fish (it should be the side with the plank and seagull). Use the Seagull on the ship's railing, and it'll fly up to the barrel, causing it to drop and fling LeFlay over the side of the ship by way of the gangplank. Unfortunately, she is able to grab the infected hand before falling into the drink. However, with her out of the way for now, Winslow and Guybrush can make their way to Elaine and ship repair (apparently, Guybrush's fish barrel trick did a number on the main mast). Use the mounted map outside the ship's quarters, and select the Jerkbait Islands.

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