Tada QR! 1.0

Make QR codes with hyperlinks on your Mac.
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Create QR codes and modify them using Adobe Illustrator or similar applications on your Mac. Add hyperlinks and object styles to your barcodes. Save your QR codes as linkable files to insert into different documents. Generate QR codes using the batch-creation mode.

Tada QR! is a QR code generator for InDesign CS5+ that creates perfect editable vector based QRs. It is also jam-packed with features that make creating large amounts of good looking QRs a breeze.
Here are a few of features that make Tada QR! special:
- Edit the contents of a QR and watch the QR update in real-time.
- Bulk generate QR codes using GREP.
- Link QR contents to Text Frames on the page so the QR always mirrors the text content.
- Save QRs as separate linkable files that can be shared amongst many documents
- Automatically assign object styles to generated QRs.
- Automatically add clickable hyperlinks to web-link QRs.
- QRs are pure vector shapes that can have fills/strokes.etc assigned to them.
- Generated QRs are editable in Illustrator.
- Write your own scripts that generate QRs using the Tada QR! API.
What's new in this version:
Version 1.0.13 is an update which changes the handling of soft- and paragraph returns: they are now all translated to CR+LF in the QR code for better compatibility with diverse QR code readers.



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