TableToy 1.1

Safari extension that makes tables more readable and sortable.
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This Safari extension is designed to overcome two common problems with tables on web pages. (I'm talking here about tables that actually display tabular data, not the kind of tables that are used by old-timey web designers to lay out a page.)
Problem #1: If a table is taller than the window it's in, by the time you scroll down to the end of the table, the header row has scrolled out of view.
Problem #2: Most tables are not sortable. (Why the heck not?)
With Tabletoy installed, you can make a table's header row "float" above the table, so it's always in view. And you can make almost any sortable by any column, so you can sort it by clicking a column header.
Tabletoy has one more feature, one that comes in handy when you want to print a table, but not all the other stuff on the page. With the table printing feature, you can essentially isolate a table, hiding everything else around it. Then, once you've printed the table, you can restore the document to its original state.
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Bug fixes.



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