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Tables is a feature-rich tabular data managing application.
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Tables, as you may easily guess from its name, is a tabular data management utility. As expected from a table data managing application, Tables provides you with all the functions needed to easily open and organize your database files (if they are in the ‘table document’ format). What impressed me the most at the Tables application was the compact, intuitive and clean interface. The main features print, sheet, (mathematical) functions and charts are shown in top left corner of the main window so that you may quickly access them without wasting time with complicated options and settings.

Tables will allow you to perform a wide range of calculations and use various functions from multiple areas of interest, such as: mathematics, trigonometry, financial, statistic, matrix, text, logical and many more. Another great feature of this program is the fact that it can present data as a number, an amount, a percentage or as date and time thus recommending it for use in business or educational environments. Tables allows you to insert images, PDF documents or charts in any sheet so that it can also be used for complex visual data representation purposes.

To sum it all up, Tables is a feature-rich and simple-to-use tabular data management utility that offers very advanced mathematical and data representation features.

Mario Procione
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  • Simple to use
  • Feature-rich


  • Few specialized database functions
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