Table Tennis Pro Deluxe 2.3

Table Tennis Pro Deluxe is a sport game with extra components
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Table Tennis Pro Deluxe is a sport game which provides full control of power and spin on shots, allowing you to hit the ball where you want to and how you want. It includes 31 intelligent computer players, each with different serving, playing styles and difficulty levels.
The Deluxe version of Table Tennis Pro contains the following extra components such as 16 extra computer players and 6 extra playing rooms.
Well eventually when playing Table Tennis Pro, you will find that some computer players will be too easy for you to play against, and some will probably be too difficult. From the 15 computer players, you will probably find that there are 4 or 5 that will give you a good game of table tennis based on your skill level.

The extra set of computer players in the Deluxe version will double that number, and give you a large group of computer players that will give you challenging, but not impossible, games of table tennis. They basically give you twice as much of a challenge.

These extra players also add an extra level to Tournaments and Leagues, as well as to the Disks arcade game.

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