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TabLauncher is a Dock alternative that uses customizable tabs.
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TabLauncher is a Dock alternative that uses customizable tabs. If you have far too much on your dock and/or are looking for a way to categorize your shortcuts á la Apple's classic Launcher application, this might just be the app for you. You can create your own configuration of tabbed docks on one or multiple edges of the screen, with basically whatever, content, appearance, and behavior you could possibly desire.

Among the program's numerous appealing features: customization applies on a per-tab basis, allowing different positions and behaviors for different tabs; you can use a Windows tab that permits easy control of open and minimized windows; and you can cause all other applications to hide when a new application is opened.

One of the few lacking features I could find was that the magnify effect is much less powerful than that in the standard dock. However, this effect is only useful if your dock is crowded to begin with, and the tab system takes care of that problem by using overlapping screen space.

Sam's Protip: You can place a tab on the same edge as your Dock and still use the Dock with some clever customization of tab behavior. Icons in TabLauncher always take precedence over Dock icons.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Organization method is familiar from Internet browsing
  • Super duper customizable
  • Can mirror real folders or your selection of disparate files


  • Magnify effect is much less powerful than standard dock, limiting icon size
  • Sometimes unavoidable excessive blank space around icons
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