System Cleaner and Antivirus Movavi

System Cleaner and Antivirus Movavi 2.4

The app speeds up your Mac and protects it against cyberthreats.
2.4 (See all)

System Cleaner and Antivirus Movavi is a user-friendly application for OS X systems that will speed up your Mac and protect it against a whole range of cyberthreats. When computers start running slowly, it’s often because the hard drive gets clogged up with unnecessary files that users don’t even know exist. System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi can track down these files and remove them in a flash, freeing up space and improving the overall performance of your Mac.

What is more, System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi is a great way to protect your computer against Internet threats. With the powerful antivirus tool, you can thoroughly scan your system and easily get rid of infected files. Plus, the program is really easy to use thanks to its simple, streamlined interface.

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