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Synchronize and bac kup your data to prevent possible losses.
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Syncovery can help you synchronize and back up your data to prevent losses due to virus attacks, hardware crashes, etc. It supports different types of storage devices and locations. In this regard, it can also store backups in the Cloud in encrypted form. The tool has an easy-to-use interface with two different modes. So, if you do not have much experience in this type of tasks, it is a good idea to use the Wizard mode. This way, you just need to follow the suggested steps to create a synchronization profile.

The app supports various types of tasks that involve moving, updating, copying or backing up data. For instance, you can synchronize two different locations so that they contain exactly the same files, which is called two-way sync. It also lets you do the same in only one direction so that the source folder is not affected. Since synchronizations often involve transferring great amounts of data, it is excellent that the tool can minimize this by copying only those blocks that have suffered modifications since the last sync operation. It also lets you use various types of masks to include or exclude given elements. Finally, you can create profiles for recurrent operations and schedule them to run automatically, even in unattended mode.

Syncovery has various 'under-the-hood' features that guarantee the accuracy of the synchronizations or backups. One of them is that the tool will repeatedly attempt to copy blocked files. However, instead of insisting on copying those particular files, the tool continues the operation with other available items, until the app using the files releases them. Likewise, it is good that it supports files weighing more than 4G, which is a limitation with some other similar utilities. Luckily, the chances of your data getting lost because of errors is reduced by creating multiple versions of your backup files or recovering overwritten files from the app´s waste bin.

In general, Syncovery comes with multiple features that make it one of the best sync app in the market. It certainly comes in handy for not only preserving data but also maintaining websites. The product is sold in three different editions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Nevertheless, I would not recommend buying Syncovery for performing basic sync tasks, as there are other alternatives available at no cost.

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  • Supports various types of storage devices
  • Two interface modes
  • Supports various kinds of operations
  • Handles large files efficiently
  • Allows scheduling tasks
  • Minimizes data loss due to synchronization errors


  • Not a good choice for basic synchronization or backup operations


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