Symptohm: Melohman 1.2

Just a huge and extremely tweakable powersynth.
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Symptohm:Melohman was born to remind the world that great music comes not from cold calculation but from passion. Unlike other synths, bound to rigid curves and predetermined behavior, Symptohm:Melohman responds to your touch, enabling you to control every aspect of Its twisted sonic mayhem in a most natural, intuitive and musical way. More sonic control than you ever thought possible is now, quite literally, at your fingertips. Its main features:

2 unique sample-based SyncGrain oscillators (SGOs).
Additional Sub Oscillator, based on SyncGrain's spectral content.
Stereo noise generator.
A ring modulator for each voice, based on the Sub Oscillator.
inter-voice Ring Modulation.
Dynamic routing of the signal into a 'powered by Quad Frohmage' filter bank, with loads of filter types, distortion, band delay and much more.
Extensive modulation options (one LFO one xADSR per parameter MIDI) for almost every parameter.

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