SymbolHeadline 1.1

Illustrator banner / design plugin using symbols

Plugin for Adobe Illustrator(r) CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 Banner/headline generator effects plugin
Symbol Headline creates rows of symbols (instead of a single row of symbols) and these can be characters (though from the symbol palette), images and text and other symbols (or brushes converted to symbols etc) to create instant 'headline' or banner effects as well as other symbol effects in Illustrator.
The plugin takes symbols from the current symbols palette and displays them, re-sizing, angle effects and more, and changes the symbol effects across layers, these layers can then be animated and used in SWF or SVG etc files or used in Illustrator or exported to other applications such as AE, from Abneil software
part of an ongoing series of plugins and styles and brushes for Illustrator
A demo set exists
Comes with a selection of symbols to demo / use in the plugin
What's new in this version:
Updated to CS4

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