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A Czech Republic name day reference that resides in the menu bar.
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Svatek ("name day") is a Czech Republic name day reference that resides in the menu bar. Clicking on the application icon, which displays as the current day, allows the user to also preview the name day for tomorrow and the day after.

In the Czech Republic, every calendar date excepting national holidays is traditionally assigned a specific given name in addition to its weekday and numerical denotations. For example, every June 6 is the day of Norbert. The name day is an occasion for celebration for those with the corresponding name. Thus, this application can serve similarly to a birthday reminder for those in culturally Czech communities, where one knows by the given name of a friend that it's time to acknowledge their name day.

A similar name day tradition applies in Slovakia, but while the application's description claims to provide both Czech and Slovak name days, there is no option to enable Slovak name days in this application. The only preferences are adjustment of font size, enabling of Growl notifications, and the option to open at log-in.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Includes accents of native language
  • Font size adjustable


  • Does not include Slovak name days as advertised
  • Cannot view any days beyond the day after tomorrow
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