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Superstar Jump is a game that lets kids learn while having fun.
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Superstar Jump is a game that lets kids learn while having fun. The game is basically a Doodle Jump clone. You jump from platform to platform avoiding objects that fall from the top of the screen. Power-ups that let you jump higher will also fall. When you fail to land on a platform and fall out of the screen, the game is over.

In the first screen, you get to choose a character to play. Each character plays in a different level and the power-ups are different for each one. These power-ups are what make up the learning part of the game. The first character that I chose was able to collect colored cubes to jump higher. Then the other characters that I played as needed to get numbers, shapes and animals. The only thing that happens when you collect a power-up is that you jump a bit higher. The name of the object isn't pronounced, so if the kid doesn't know what the item is, then he won't learn it unless you are there to explain it to him.

Each level has a different song and background. In some cases, the songs are looped and they are so short that you end up hearing the loop connect every 15 or so seconds. This is only a small design flaw, but it can be very irritating.

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  • It can be entertaining
  • Easy to play


  • In the levels that I played, the objects specific to each learning subject only appeared a couple of times
  • It is almost impossible to lose



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