Super SafeBox

Super SafeBox 1.2

Store private information, like passwords or documents, in one place.

Super SafeBox is more than just a password manager. Besides helping you easily keep track of the credentials correspondent to your email accounts, this program also enables you to store your private documents, media files, software license keys, and notes in one place, away from prying eyes.

This type of Mac tools proves to be of good use to people who created a long list of accounts over the years and find it difficult to remember their credentials. The program will help you store information about every single account and organize the details however you like.

In addition, you have access to additional info categories for keeping track of software license keys, credit card details, personal media files, work documents, etc. You can create additional categories if necessary.

Other useful advantages include the ability to sync the stored content across your iCloud account, the access to an efficient search tool, and the fact that it encrypts the data, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your private information.

Only two things are missing from this tool: a password generator and the ability to export the stored content (exception: it can export the stored documents). These features can be found in other tools similar to Super SafeBox.

Still, it's definitely worth giving this tool a try, especially if the aforementioned issues mean nothing to you.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Comes with a search tool
  • Back up the stored data to your iCloud account
  • Add your own info categories
  • Encrypt the stored data


  • Lacks a password generator
  • Lacks an option to export the stored info (except for the stored documents)
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