JPG to PDF : Export all images into PDF

JPG to PDF : Export all images into PDF 3.0


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JPG to PDF is a simple, efficient, intuitive and fast way to batch export Images and PDF files into PDF format. Feature to export multiple files into single PDF. Supports most of all popular image formats like JPG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, BMP, TIFF, RAW types and many more.
◆ Batch export at once. Supports Image formats along with PDF as input source. Create PDF for each files or merge them into single PDF document.
◆ Add supported files into conversion list recursively from subfolders.
◆ Options to set output PDF page size. Use default Page Setup options or customize page size, margin and orientation.
◆ Smart Image Export Options: Image ColorSpace conversion, JPEG Compression, Image Down-sampling and Page size settings to create optimized PDF without compromising quality.
◆ Assign metadata description of PDF document. Set Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords properties.
◆ Set security options to encrypt output PDF. Set option to require Open Password to open and view PDF and even restrict created PDF documents from printing and copying contents without owner password.
◆ Generates PDF Outline of file name while creating a PDF from multiple files.
◆ Very flexible options to add files. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on "JPG to PDF" application to add files for export beside direct Add File/Folder buttons.
◆ You can arrange and shuffle files into conversion list and get same sequential pages in PDF. Very useful while creating single PDF from multiple images.
◆ Controls to set rotation angle to images.
◆ Merge multiple PDF files into one.
◆ Merging of bookmarks when merging multiple PDF files having bookmarks.
◆ Batch add or remove PDF document metadata description and security settings.
Most of all popular formats are supported. Like JPG, JPEG 2000, PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and all other Mac OS supported image formats along with most of all DSLR camera RAW image types. PDF format is also supported.

You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> JPG to PDF Help" for any assistance Or Contact Support.

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