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Super Copy Paste is a system utility that can apply filters to your clippings.
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Super Copy Paste is a system utility that lets you edit what you copy to your clipboard. The application can run in the background and detect all the pieces of text that you put on the clipboard. It then eliminates any formatting that the text may have been copied with and it can apply four filters to it. The filters let you remove line breaks, remove ">" characters (usually found in e-mail forwards or HTML code), replace line breaks with spaces, and replace whitespaces with a single space. You can enable the filters by checking the box next to them.

One or multiple filters can be used at the same time, and they will be applied to anything you copy. To paste the filtered text, you can open the application window and click on the "Copy Preview to Clipboard" button to re-copy the text, and then paste it as you would normally do. There is a hotkey available to do this without having to open the application at all, but I use Evernote and the hotkey is assigned to it. Super Copy Paste didn't have a Preferences window that I could use to change the hotkey.

In short, if you are the kind of user who copies and pastes a lot and needs to remove formatting from your clippings or apply filters to them, then Super Copy Paste can come in handy. The rest of users may probably find it useless.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to use
  • Four different options
  • Free


  • No Preferences window to change hotkeys
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