Sudoku Crossword

Sudoku Crossword 1.0

Sudoku Crossword is a puzzle game in which you have to insert numbers in a grid.
1.0 (See all)
Clinton H Weir

Sudoku and Crossword puzzles meet in this fresh, new game for Mac. As in other number crossword puzzle games, you will be given a list of numbers (1- to 5-digits each) and challenged to insert them all into a grid. Unlike other number crosswords, though, each row, column and designated square must contain exactly one of each number (1-9 in the standard game).

Stumped? Don't worry - this is a casual game. If you need to take a guess, go right ahead! If you happen to make a wrong guess, we'll give you a hint by filling in the space you tapped (limit one per game) - just to get you started. Next thing you know you'll have the whole 9x9 grid filled in.

But the fun doesn't end there! You may also play larger puzzles with more numbers, with up to 16 numbers (blue 1-9 and green 1-7) total - a puzzle 3x the size of a traditional 9x9 sudoku game!

Also try the new "Chromo style" Sudoku puzzle. Numbers are replaced out for colored squares, but the goal is the same - fit the pieces into the puzzle so that each row, column and designated rectangle contains one of each.

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