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Sudoku 9x9 1.0

Sudoku 9x9 is an entertaining puzzle game designed for Mac.
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Sudoku 9x9 is an exciting puzzle game designed for Mac. Your goal is to fill the grids of a 9x9 board with numbers. You win the game once every number from 1 to 9 appears only once on each row, column, and grid region.

The main window of the app is nicely designed and customizable. You can change the background image of the interface, enable fullscreen mode if necessary, and change the default language. Furthermore, there's an option to count the amount of time you spend solving the puzzles.

Another advantage is that you can choose between 4 difficulty levels. The app keeps a record of statistics based on the games you won, lost, best times, etc. It also automatically saves your gameplay progress.

My only issue with the program is the fact that it fails to preserve the delimiters of the grids when resizing the main window of the application. Some delimiters disappear from the main screen if you choose to change the resolution of the interface.

Other than that, the program works fine and provides you with many challenging levels to keep you occupied while you're on a break from work. What's more, you don't have to pay a buck to play this game on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you choose between 4 difficulty levels
  • Offers you hints
  • Automatically saves your gameplay progress
  • Available in dozens of languages
  • Free


  • Some of the grid delimiters disappear when resizing the main window
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