Subway Train Simulator 2D

Subway Train Simulator 2D 1.4

Become a train driver of underground, overground, and underwater rails.
1.4.9 (See all)

Subway Train Simulator 2D lets you become a subway train driver. You need to drive the train at an appropriate speed, stop carefully at the end of each station, pick up all passengers, and get to the final station as soon as possible. You will explore the whole metro system of Eco City (89 unique stations on 21 varied lines) which contains more than 100 km of underground, overground, and underwater rails.

There are a lot of things to do in the game. You can earn coins by transporting fully animated passengers to unlock new metro lines and useful train upgrades, get huge rewards by discovering new stations, change the look of any train to your liking, study the city map to get better knowledge of the whole metro system, enjoy driving in the opposite direction, beat your time records, or just enjoy realistic sounds during driving a train.