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Free Subtracting Sardines is a game that can help kids practice subtracting.
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Subtracting Sardines is a game that can help kids practice subtracting. The game uses 3D models of sardines to help the kids practice their subtracting skills. They will be able to click on the sardines and drag them on the screen. They can arrange them in any way to help themselves count them and then subtract them. This might not sound like a big deal, but I believe that giving kids the chance to interact with the sardines can be really helpful in the learning process.

Below the sardines, you will see a numeral pad with the numbers from 1 to 9, a minus sign, and a clear button. Here is where the game is played. The kids first click on a number and that number of sardines appears on the screen. When they are ready, they can click on the minus sign and on another number. The resulting number of sardines will be put on the screen so that the kid can count them, and three possible results will be displayed on the right. If the kid gets the result right, coins will appear on the screen. Every time a correct result is entered, the numbers used for that operation will be blocked by a check mark. When all the numbers are blocked, the game is over and the kid wins.

Subtracting Sardines is a very nice app for kids who are just starting to learn mathematics. It has a great graphical user interface, and it seems very easy for a kid to use. I think being able to move the sardines around and arrange them any way you want can help kids with the counting process. The same company makes a game for addition, called Adding Apples.

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  • Great attention to detail in the design of the game
  • You can drag the sardines to count them
  • Very easy to play


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