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Submarine Math is an educational game for small children.
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Submarine Math is an educational game for small children. It can help them practice their math skills by solving simple mathematical operations. The objective of the game is to tap the correct answers to win the race. In each level, your submarine is pitted against a different animal. The first one is a crab, the second a fish, and so on. You only unlock levels by winning each race. You do that by answering most of the questions right. If it takes you too long to answer or most of your answers are wrong, you will be forced to start the level again.

There are two game modes. You can jump into the game and play it or you can head into the practice mode. When you play in the practice mode, you will see what animal you will be racing against, but in the other mode, you simply see a level number and then you see the animal when you start playing. In the practice mode, you can set the difficulty and the type of mathematical operations that you want to play with (subtraction, addition, multiplication and division).

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  • Different animals to race against
  • Cute graphics


  • The interface design needs some improvements



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